Accomplishing  Marketing Goals through Social Media

Accomplishing Marketing Goals through Social Media

Accomplishing Marketing Goals through Social Media is a herculean taskforce needed to influence the audience. Language plays a major role in achieving the target desired by the marketing professionals. It requires great optimizing power to generate the signs of communication to have the positive results.
A Few suggestions are spotted here for the marketers.
Talk in the customer’s language.
PR used to be about communicating through the media filter. Being user-driven means developing news and content that resonates with customers. Throw out the PR clichés, press release happy-talk, and indecipherable jargon.

Tell a story they will care about.

Put news in context starting with the headline that clearly and concisely explains how the information relates to customer problems. It's not possible to target people individually but you can get a bead on what is trending in your niche. Check out Trend spot and Buzz Sumo for starters. Both sites give you ways to track the hot stories and social media topics for your space. Uprise.IO goes further, with in-depth data to help you understand your audiences, and the characteristics of popular content.

Go where the users are

To get the attention of your intended audience, you need to discover how and where they get information, then work hard to ensure that your news is right there. Of course, media and blogs are important but so are communities where users share the latest stories. You can submit your news and rally colleagues and users to vote it up on social news sites like DZone and Stack Overflow, for the software developer community.

Hone your media strategy.

Choose your PR shots wisely. Don’t chase every media opportunity down a rat hole. Aim for the bigger stories by the recognized reporters in publications that matter to your target market. Coverage in the right places is the first step toward getting your content curated and shared elsewhere.

Focus on content curation and sharing.

Some publications get curated much more than others. How do you find them? It can vary by industry and network (e.g., see the TechMemeleader board). You can pitch curators. First, take the time to read and better understand the outlet. Then, contact the editors to learn about their criteria and pitch your news if appropriate. Make your information easy to share. For example, can your press release headline easily fit in a tweet? Does your blog have social sharing buttons? The Moz blog recently wrote that wonky articles attract more links and shares. So do articles with lists.

 Tap owned and social channels.

Existing user-driven means being present and vocal where the customers are, which increasingly is on social media/networks. The company blog and website should support your communications effort, and serve as hubs that can connect PR with social channels and inbound marketing.

Hope this blog would guide you on certain strategies to be followed for the better performance.

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