Digital Marketing Guide to Florists

Digital Marketing Guide to Florists

Marketing tools and techniques change rapidly in the digital world, and it can be daunting to understand how to promote your florist business best.  This blog has updated the facts to reflect the current best practices and approaches to generating sales results for your florist customers.

Some suggestions are given for social media marketing exclusively for florists' businesses.

Technical Tactics

All successful online florists use a combination of the following high-level tactics to sell flowers online and promote their business successfully

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Ad Words
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Business Listing
  • Social Proof Reviews
  • Existing Customer Communication


Instagram and Facebook are good channels for a florist to promote your website and help drive traffic to your website.

However, social media should not be the sole focus of any marketing campaign; instead, it should be used to achieve specific goals.  For a florist selling flowers online, the most effective social media is to target the local community and your existing customer base.


Remarketing for florists, in general, is not one of the best uses of a marketing budget.  However, targeted and fast social media remarketing is useful sometimes, such as on Mother’s or Valentine’s Day.

For example, if someone visits your website in the lead-up to either of these dates and does not order, you could advertise to them on Facebook or Instagram.

Social Proof

In a crowded digital space, it’s often hard to stand out as the best or unique. You are scrolling through almost endless search results looking for a florist in your location customers have to decide whether they choose to click on you.

Reviews can help get more click-through rates for your florist website and increase your sales conversion rate once they are on the site. Reviews are more important than ever for all businesses, but not all reviews are equal.

Flower Store in a Box      

Flower Store in a Box is a professional florist website solution and dashboard to manage your website, market to your customers and manage the ordering process. Flower Store in a Box has all the tools to market your florist website!  It’s a one-stop portal for managing your website and your florist marketing! Realistically, you will need help to set up and write your SEO Suburb Landing pages and your Google AdWords.  But Flower Store in a Box helps you achieve the tactics on your website by providing easy-to-use tools.

Hoping that the above mentioned ideas would empower you on starting florists business successfully using social media marketing.

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