Psychological Traits behind Social Media Marketing

Psychological Traits behind Social Media Marketing

Knowing your targeters is a tagline for social media marketers which requires analyzing the customers’ preferences and behaviors to influence them. There are some psychological facts behind social media marketing to trap customers and retain them in the desired audience pool.

Here a few ideas are discussed to show the psychological facts behind social media marketing.


On social media, you need to have a presence with your target audience. Your ideal customer needs to feel like they see you everywhere. When it comes to selling via social, this is the key formula to exert your activeness. The problem with this psychological marketing tactic, particularly for social media, is that it can feel overwhelming. That’s why you need to hyperfocus on your target audience, not the entire world especially on the types of content, hashtags, topics, and platforms you should use to make it seem like you’re everywhere to your target audience only.

Persuasive talk

Learn to write the art of persuasiveness, especially on social media captions. Some tricks are shared below and there are so many resources available to learn how to write copywriting.

  • Speaking to your audience directly and using the word “you”
  • Inspiring FOMO (or fear of missing out) to make your audience want the product crazy at it.
  • Sharing what will happen if readers don’t take action (Bad future awaits them if they don’t click your link? Business failure? You get the gist.)
  • Humor or interesting turns of phrases to capture and arrest your attention


Sense of Belonging

One of the main reasons that people decide to connect with others on social media channels is to have a sense of belonging to a community. They want to feel that they are an important part of a precious group. When you focus your social media marketing campaign on your target audience, your approach should be simple. You need to include them in your communications, ask them to share their knowledge and opinions, and engage them in discussions as often as possible. This will make them feel that they are considered important and excited about being a contributing member of the group.


Social media marketers can make use of reciprocity too. Be generous with your audience and make them interested in you. Give away coupons, free stuff, and good advice—whatever makes sense for your business. It makes a huge difference. Do it regularly for positive results.

Visual effect

Social media is highly visual, so it makes sense to start our list with color psychology. While there is some disagreement among the emotional meanings, these meanings generally hold, depending on the tone and imagery used:

  • Red – Passion, anger, intensity, heightened emotional and physical state
  • Yellow – Joy, serenity, happiness, and ecstasy
  • Blue – Trustworthiness, approachable, sad, soothing
  • Green – Luck, prosperity, money, conservativeness, success
  • Purple – Intellectual, problem-solving, regal, special.


People react to content that touches them on an emotional and personal level. If you make sure to offer content that is arranged in an easy format , presented clearly and logically, and has emotional elements, people will pay attention and will continue engaging. Using relevant content has a personal effect when it comes to your online marketing campaign.

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