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60+ Blue Gold Ebook/Workbook Template Canva

60+ Blue Gold Ebook/Workbook Template Canva

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Create a beautiful Ebook,lead magnet, promotional guide or a freebie in a few minutes with the fblue gold canva templates and absolutely No graphic design skills! Download this 40+page template and use it to create ebooks, ultimate guides, online courses, workbooks, lead magnets, freebies, promotional pdfs, packages and many more. It is perfect for Influencers, bloggers, Businesses, online coaches, educators, etsy sellers to promote products or anybody looking to complement their book content with beautiful designs.

Save time, money, energy and easily customize these Canva templates to create your own, branded ebook or course workbook to sell your offer. Grow your audience AND your business! Show up as an expert in your industry.

This ebook can be easily edited on the free version of CANVA. Just need to customize colors, fonts, pictures and feel free to move around frames/elements.

IMPORTANT: The link to the template or your product is inside a pdf named - How to use Guide. Please open it to read more about how to access the product

Includes FREE sample 10 high converting and beautiful soft pink PINTEREST TEMPLATES CANVA!!

Bonus2: Pricing Guide Template
Bonus3: Media Kit

Need help? no problem! Shoot me a text and I will help you with the youtube links.


-> 60+ page Editable Canva Template consisting of:

* 5 Ebook cover page designs
* 3 About me
* 3 Welcome Pages
* 1 Mission Statement
* 2 Chapter Cover pages
* 10 Content pages of One/ Two line headlines of various patterns
* Two sets of interconnected Pages (*More to follow) - Free Upgrades
* 2 worksheets/notes
* 2 Checklists
* 4 Promotional/ Packages
* 2 Steps/Lists
* 4 Quotes / Call to Actions
* 3 Image or Gallery Pages
* 5 Sell your product pages
* 1 Testimonials
* 8 Audience Engaging Fun Pages
* 3 thank you pages
* 3 Back page design

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