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50+ Business Plan Template Canva

50+ Business Plan Template Canva

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Minimal Printable 50 Page CANVA Business Plan template which guide you through creating your own branded online business plan.

Perfect for online coaches, course creators,bloggers, influencers, copy writers,freelancers,small businesses,female entrepreneurs or any one looking for inexpensive, professional and beautifully designed business plan templates.

*IMPORTANT: The link to the template or your product is inside a pdf named - How to use Guide. Please open it to read more about how to access the product*

This eBook can be easily edited on the free version of CANVA. Just need to customize colors, fonts, pictures and feel free to move around frames and elements.

Need help? no problem! Shoot me a text and I will help you with the youtube links.


-> 50 page Editable Canva Template consisting of:

* 3 front covers
* 1 table of contents
* 1 welcome/introduction
* 1 Getting Started
* 1 Mission and vision/Brand Message
* 1 Business Aim & Goals
* 1 Problem & Solution
* 1 Elevator Pitch
* 2 Owners Background & Bout Me
* 7 Products & Services
* 7 Market PAGES
* 6 Operations & Logistics
* 4 Competetor Analysis
* 3 Costs & Pricing
* 8 Financial Forecast

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