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Blossom Boutique - Shopify 2.0 Responsive Theme

Blossom Boutique - Shopify 2.0 Responsive Theme

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Blossom Boutique is a Shopify Theme - feminine Classy and uses latest trends perfect for business and creatives. It comes with shopify banners and all images used in the theme customizable on canva.

The Unique sophisticated features of the theme is bound to wow your audience adding a stunning look to level up your shopify store


PASSWORD: demo.123

'Blossom Boutique' is perfect to showcase your brand in high end luxury pink beautiful aesthetics! The theme comes with responsive banners and images editable on free version of Canva. Edit the images and branding as it suits your niche.



A Shopify 2.0 Theme with the following pages:

- Home
- About
- Shop
- Blog
- Customer Service
- Contact

+ Banners and Images for all the above mentioned pages to edit in Canva

+ an easy step by step Installation Guide with instructions on how to make your own images for the website

+ Customizable photo frames

+ Set of Curated Photos

+ Built in Fonts



- Change fonts
- Change colors
- Add/Remove sections on pages
- Create new custom pages
- Add your own Collections
- Create your own drop down menu
- Edit the Images in Canva as many times as needed
- You can use your own photos for the Parallax banners
- Edit all photos and text
- Add an announcement bar/Promotions


- A Shopify account

- A desktop computer or laptop - you can't install this theme with a phone!

- Your own logo image to add in where BLOSSOM BOUTIQUE example logo is shown in the live demo

The LOGO is also included in the templates incase you would like to simply edit and make one



This theme requires you to follow the step by step Installation Guide to install and set it up - it will not look like the live demo straight after uploading the theme file.

If you want to save time and would like me to install it for you, I have Installation available. Contact me for custom installation


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