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Ultimate Ebook workbook template

Ultimate Ebook workbook template

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"I'm very happy with my purchase of the coach edition ebook template and can't thank you enough! I will definitely recommend your shop to all my coaching colleagues and clients all over the word! Thank you!"
★★★★★ Sarah

"This AMAZING!!! Ebook template canva, workbook template canva, coaching worksheets, online coach, etc.,: I have been using this for about three weeks now. The customer support was very helpful. You do need Canva Pro for some of the graphics but you can figure that out. ;-) I get SO many compliments!!! Paired with Canva it's terrific!"
★★★★★ - Me too

Create a beautiful eBook or workbook on canva in a few minutes with absolutely No graphic design skills! Download this 200+ page template especially designed for online coaches, course creators and bloggers looking for creating an ebook in minimal style. The template consists of several worksheets, questionaires, infographics, trackers, challenges, call to action pages, services, packages and many more. Create your courses, workbooks, challenges, lead magnets, webinars, catalogs and freebies. Use graphics, duplicate pages and create several eBooks by investing in only one template.

The aesthetics of the template is bound to attract your potential audience. Save time, money, energy and easily customize these Canva templates to create your own, branded eBook or workbook to sell your offer. Grow your audience AND your business! Show up as an expert in your industry.

This eBook can be easily edited on the free version of CANVA. Just need to customize colors, fonts, pictures and feel free to move around frames and elements.

*IMPORTANT: The link to the template or your product is inside a pdf named - How to use Guide. Please open it to read more about how to access the product*

Need help? no problem! Shoot me a text and I will help you with the youtube links.


-> 200 page Editable Canva Template consisting of:

* 7 Cover Pages
* 2 welcome page
* 1 Mission Statement
* 1 Copywrite statement
* 2 Table of Contents
* 5 Program Details
* 7 process steps and objectives
* 6 Module Titles
* 5 Content Pages
* 5 Content Pages
* Meet The Team
* 4 Setting Goals
* 3 Road Maps and Project Timelines
* 50 Coaching Worksheets
* 5 Q&A Worksheets
* 3 Cheatsheets
* 3 Checklists
* 1 Avatar
* 20 Coaching Infographics
* 4 Challenges
* 12 Trackers
* 12 Self Love Worksheets
* 9 Planners
* 5 Mood Board / Gallery Pages
* 5 Case Study or Testimonials
* 4 Resources and Tools
* 4 Audience Engaging Fun Worksheets
* 12 Call to Action / Service Packages
* 1 Summary
* 1 FAQ
* 3 Thank You Sheets
* 2 Back Covers

-> Instruction guide PDF

* Link to editable Canva Template
* Step-by-Step instructions on how to edit the template, download and Print to present offline

* Easy to Print as it is in Standard Paper Size*
* Common Knowledge of Canva Required to edit the template. Instructions in the PDF will help you gain this*
* Can edit both on Mobile and Desktop - Much easier to use on Desktop Google Chrome*


* Instant Download PDF file "Instruction Guide" from your email. The PDF has instructions
on how to use the template.

* Login/SignUp on Canva first. Click on the link provided in the PDF to open up Canva template in the browser.

* Create a template copy and start editing it

* You can edit it all! Change fonts, font size, brand logo, colors of the template including the colors in the chart and also move around

* After customizing, click download -> "Print to PDF" for highest quality printing


* This is a digital product which you would download instantly. No product will be shipped to you.
* Some of the elements in canva need a pro account - but there is an alternative page which works with free account. You can delete the pro page and use only free elements if needed
* If you want only free templates with no canva elements for reselling purposes or no pro canva account- talk to us.


* If you have trouble customizing the template, feel free to reach out to us anytime. We are more than happy to help you:)


* Your purchase grants you only 1 license. This template or contents of it cannot be distributed or resold. If you would like to purchase
additional licenses, please reach out to us for custom pricing

* You acknowledge that this is a digital product editable only in Canva

* The sale of the product is not in anyway affiliated to

* Images in the template are only for mock-up purposes. You should be able to add own images in the template

* Some of the pages need Pro Canva Account but you should find an alternative free graphic for every pro page

* Unable to offer REFUND or RETURNS as this product is available to you instantly to download once you purchase.
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